Book that hooks: the old man the sea.

Have you imagined yourself in the midst of sea all alone? Exquisite blue ocean, fishes to talk, borderless water. Yes, one may sing “water water everywhere not a drop to drink”. But still…

The old man and the sea is eponymous in a way as it rejuvenates the rapport of the both. The titular character old man, Santiago is a man of courage. He is in his pursuit to establish his excellence as a fisherman in his old age. The book opens to the eighty fourth day of his fruitless efforts. We find ocean as a soothing, beautiful natural resource and also as a mysterious companion. Hemingway has succeeded to revisit the relationship that man poses with nature. Santiago throughout his struggle tries to maintain the rapport that he has with all fishes and birds. Even to his rival marlin he sympathise and calls him brother.

Santiago has been my companion from the moment I held this work. Old man and the sea is not just a novella instead it wraps an ocean of man’s quest to prove himself. Grabbing his oar to support him in his quest runs through every reader till the end. He reminds us of what Tennyson told; ” to strive, to seek not to yield”.

The novella is a reflection of Hemingway’s justification to the definition of man as someone who can be destroyed but not defeated. Through this one hundred page fable set in the Gulf stream off the coast of Havana Hemingway put forth the psychological imprints, reflections of human experience, strong ties between old man, the boy and the marlin along with the unbreakable challenge that nature has with man.

The book is an excellent piece of amalgamation of life experiences. Santiago, the boy and marlin appears as our dear and near ones. I have often felt that we should have a Santiago inside. The book is a source of inspiration for one who try. The book encourages to endeavour for a better future, it will never be in vain.

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